BruChai Tea Brewing Traditional Tea-Brewing Simplified.
Traditional Tea-Brewing Simplified



BruChai enhances the tea brewing process by saving time,
alleviating the mess, and making clean-up a breeze.

A Global Market

Tea is the worlds most popular beverage.

Approximately 2.8 billion people drink tea daily (only counting people in India, China, Japan, UAE, UK, and USA), with approximately 4 million restaurants in those countries.

BruChai is a patented teapot that can be sold to households and restaurants. BruChai can be manufactured in several sizes, ranging from a 2- cup size for individual servings, to 10-cup sized and larger for families or restaurants.

  • Built-in strainer: Only tea will pour out as all the solid ingredients are strained out within the inner chamber.
  • Zero mess clean-up: After brewing your tea, simply remove the strainer, empty the contents, and rinse.
  • Non-stick covering: For fast and simple clean up.
  • Ergonomic burn-proof handle: The handle is specially designed, a patent has been secured. The copper band at the pot-handle junction keeps the handle/pot junction strong along with holding the heat from the pot. Whatever heat passes the copper band quickly gets dissipated by the unique cooling design of the handle.
  • Overflow prevention: The tea pot’s inwardly directed rim directs liquids only towards the spout and into the cup. Also, the rim of the tea pot is higher near the spout end. This sleek design directs the liquids when the container is tilted to pour into the spout. Both of these patented features prevent the liquids from overflowing the rims when pouring.
  • Lightweight and durable: Sturdy aluminum casing ensures strength, stability and longevity. The handle is joined to the tea pot by four rivets making the junction strong and durable.

Traditional Tea Brewing

The traditional method of tea brewing is still being practiced widely around the world, though it is often messy and time-consuming.

In this traditional process, water, milk, tea leaves, cinnamon, ginger, and herbal spices are placed in a pot to boil.

Once the mixture heats up and starts to boil, it will start to rise. At this point, one would lift the container away from the heat source, wait for a few seconds, and place the container back on the heat source to continue with brewing.

This lifting up and placing back on the heat source is typically done a few times until the ingredients are properly mixed and all juices are extracted from the ingredients. This requires supervision, and if not monitored the tea mixture will overflow from the container onto the heat source.

Once the mixture has boiled and brewed according to the individual’s specifications, a strainer is used to strain the solids (tea leaves, cinnamon, etc.) and pour just the liquid in the cups for consumption. Most of the time while pouring the liquid into the cup it overflows and spills on the table.

BruChai’s patented tea pot alleviates many of the struggles traditional tea brewing creates. From the cool-to-touch handle design, zero-drip spout, zero-mess pour, to avoiding having to remove/add the tea pot onto the heat source, BruChai saves time and enhances the tea brewing experience.

The patented features of this design can also be used to enhance your company’s existing line of kitchen utensils.


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